Traditional Stick

Traditional homes are often described as “stick built” homes. These homes are usually built on site from pieces of lumber that are cut and nailed together into walls and roof trusses. They are then linked together and sheathed with plywood on the exterior and drywall on the interior. The exterior of the homes is usually finished with shingles, clapboard, vinyl siding or something similar.

“Even thought” is how most homes are built, but there are many disadvantages to this type of home. Measuring, cutting, fitting and nailing each part of the house together can be very time consuming, and any mistakes made during this process can waste material and drive up costs. Weather can also be a factor in damaging the materials.

Once completed this type of home is also more expensive to maintain. Stick built homes aren't very energy efficient and lead to higher utility bills. Over time stick built homes also can have termite, water & mold damage.



Insulated Concrete Form

Let the Savings Begin
Let the Savings Begin ICF’s have been widely used in the northern and southern parts of the country for over 25 years. Recently, ICF construction has stepped into the Midwestern market. One motivating factor driving the ICF market is the rising cost of energy. An ICF home provides 60-80% return on energy costs, permits and downsizing of the HVAC equipment. Another reason for the momentum in the ICF market is they are now at a competitive price point with conventional building. All told, the advantages of an ICF home are immense. Energy cost savings coupled with noise reduction, room temperature comfort, warmer floors, limited growth of mold combined with 200 mph wind resistance you have a quality of home only experienced in an ICF home.

Beauty that Withstands the Tests of Nature
Buying a home can be the single largest investment of your life. If the home is constructed with Crane Builders Insulated Concrete walls, your investment is naturally protected from the structural damage that can be caused by the forces of nature. As the owner of an ICF home, you will benefit from lower annual maintenance costs and energy costs, while living in a home that provides a secure haven for your family.

ICF Superiority Continues On and On...